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Fusion Extreme Cycle Stunt Shows

Our amazing portable ramps enable us to perform breath taking shows all over the UK and Europe. We have a number of shows that can be customised for your event, mixing performances up with all elements that we offer below. With a dedicated team of professional athletes consisting of World Champions, British Champions, Guinness World Record Holders, and Red Bull athletes, you’re guaranteed 100% satisfaction.


Mountain Bike Trials Show

Fusion Extreme Mountain Bike Trials show use some of the UK's very best trials riders. This action packed show incorporates a rig structure consisting of various sized platforms and ladders. 


The riders demonstrate unbelievable bike control as they hop across huge distances? The rig can be set up quickly and in many different ways over practically any surface.

The show includes a compere, PA and can fit into your event’s timetable, performing up to 3 or 4 times a day with each show lasting up to 30 minutes.

Extreme Mountain Bike Show.JPG

BMX Freestyle Show

Fusion Extreme BMX jump box and ramp show launches our world class professional riders into the air to perform breathtaking stunts. 


As the show continues, you will see truly amazing stunts, real competition level moves from some of the best extreme sports athletes in the UK, including no handers, back flips, front flips, supermans, tailwhips, 360 and 720 spins!

This show includes 2 or 3  x Professional riders, compere & PA. Shows are performed up to 3 or 5 times a day with each show lasting 30 minutes.


BMX Flatland

Imagine parkour combined with breakdancing… on a bike. That’s BMX Flatland. Riders have nothing but their bike and the blank canvas of a smooth surface it's more of an art form than other styles of BMX, with an emphasis on creativity, style and originality, as riders link and mix tricks together. 

Flatland requires no equipment other than a level floor. This versatility means that it is the ideal show to fit a small area, inside or out. Flatland shows are well suited to stages, dance floors, school events and shopping centres.

These shows include 1 or 2 Professional BMX performers plus a Compere, & PA system, performing 3 or 4 times a day for 30 minutes each.


Parkour Show

Fusion Extreme Freerunning & Parkour is all about agility, flexibility, body power, strength and precise co-ordination as the athletes flip and leap across any obstacles in their path.


For displays, Freerunners often share the same scaffolding rig set up as the MTB Trials riders with the addition of trampolines and crash mats for specific challenges.​


The rig can be set up quickly and in many different ways over practically any surface. The show includes a compere, PA and can fit into your event’s timetable, performing up to 4 times a day with each show lasting up to 30 minutes.

Parkour Performers.JPG


Fusion Extreme Skateboarders perform flips on skateboards that move underneath their feet, whilst leaping from or up obstacles as they catch the board smoothly.  They will kickflip between obstacles and perform grinds and board slides while our compere works the crowd.


This highly skilled art form takes an amazing amount of control performed by the highest quality athletes in the UK.


Fusion Extreme have a number of ramps that are movable, such as jump ramps and grind boxes. This allows the skaters to change the set up for each show to add another level of complexity.


All that's needed is a flat level area. Shows includes 2 x Professional  Skateboarders, Compere & PA. We can do up to 4 x 30 min performances per day.

Skateboarding performers.jpg


Fusion Extreme Basketball / Streetball, over the years has evolved to become one of the most internationally recognised sports, and Fusion Extreme has taken it to a whole new level with it's mind-blowing skills and its unique entertaining basketball freestyle show, that will leave any audience gasping.


Fusion Extreme freestyle basketball shows combines incredible tricks, skill and artistic flare to create the ultimate display in urban sport entertainment.


These shows and displays can be performed by individual freestylers or as a group to provide the maximum visual impact.


The shows can be choreographed to suit the needs and wants of all potential clients and due to the nature of basketball freestyle no equipment is needed so our shows prove to be very popular, adaptable and versatile.

Basketball performers.JPG


Fusion Extreme Breaking, also called breakdancing or b-boying/b-girling, is an athletic style of street dance from the United States.


While diverse in the amount of variation available in the dance, breakdancing mainly consists of four kinds of movement: top-rock, down-rock, power.


These explosive shows are spontaneous, full of energy and can be performed in a variety of different types of venues, locations & spaces both indoors and outdoors.


Shows can be either freestyle or fully choreographed depending on the type of event. We offer workshops and master classes in street dance styles for all levels of ability


Requiring no set up of equipment, this show is adaptable and versatile. It can be performed on a stage, dance floor or any other hard standing area.

Shows include 1 or 3 x Breakdancers  and Compere, PA and Microphones. Each show is up to 15 or 20 minutes and can be performed 4 times a day. We also offer have ago Breakdance workshops after each performance.

Breakdance performers.JPG


Fusion Extreme Scooter performances bring a highly  array of skills and tricks, the Scooter riders are true engineers who combine and bring together all the elements of this action packed sport. 


You can use this amazing show at an urban show, exhibitions, functions, festivals and events. This kind of act is icing on the cake in terms of delivering the most outstanding extreme sports experience.


Not only are our Scooter riders professional and globally acclaimed, they are highly entertaining and add an element of fun to every performance. They are well equipped to commentate, navigate and guide their audiences through each and every show.


Using the ramps and boxes providing in Fusion Extreme's show rig, our Scooter riders glide, grind, flip and perform incredible stunts. All that will need to be provided is a flat, smooth surface for the show to take place on.


The shows include a 2 x Professional Scooter riders, Compere and PA. Shows last up to 30 minutes each and can be performed 4 x a day. 

Fusion Extreme Scooter Workshops .png


Fusion Extreme Beatboxers are renowned for their energetic stage presence and jaw dropping talent. Our beatboxers and vocal loopers provide fresh, innovative and exciting entertainment.


Mixing things up with incredible, impressive live entertainment, beatboxers turn themselves into musical instruments, creating extraordinary sounds using little more than their mouths and a microphone! 


Experimenting with a range of sounds and musical mashups, they create unconventional music by mixing a range of genres and styles in a series of high-octane performances that are exciting, engaging and seriously jaw dropping.


With no requirements for space these shows can take place anywhere. Shows typically include 1 x Beatboxer and Compere, PA and Microphones. Each show is up to 30 minutes and can be performed 4 times a day.

Beatboxing performer.JPG





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